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  • February 20, 2022
  • Nepal Aviation

Landing and Overflying Permit in Nepal

Major nations including Nepal require overflying, over-flight, and landing permits for business or commercial flight operations. All Nepal aircraft need flight permits to overflying and landing along with the facility of getting a technical stop in airspace. These facts depend on the terms of airspace coverage area and regulations depending on the nation.

All the services required for Landing and Overflying in Nepal are being professionally offered by our expert team. WeNepal Aviationhave experienced and dedicated team to execute every task for aviation.

Overflying permit requirements

All flights operating on behalf of heads of state, government and military need the permits. Thus, it is necessary to check the overflying permit requirements in advance. But before applying for the overflying or Landing Permit in Nepal, an in-depth and accurate understanding of Nepal cultural rules, precise procedures, and restrictions is crucial.

Nepal Aviation successfully offers the Overflying Permit in Nepal on a daily basis and works 24/7/365 based. Over many years, we have been providing the satisfactory services in this domain. Thus, we guarantee that flight permissions will be obtained quickly and correctly in accordance with strict norms and protocols.

Why choose Nepal Aviation for Overflying and Landing Permit

Nepal Aviation secures the overflying and landing permits in Nepal within the limited hours. What made us distinguishable, are the quick response, fast action, and timely service. Our multicultural working team has an excellent ability for effective intercalation in the variety of languages to ensure client’s needs are accurately addressed and clearly understood.

Types of permits applicable here include:

  • Diplomatic, VIP and military overflying permissions
  • Diplomatic, VIP and military landing permissions
  • Ferry flights
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Large commercial airliners
  • Helicopters
  • UN flights
  • Private jets
  • Relief flights
  • Ambulance flights
  • Cargo flights
  • Passenger flights

Don’t hesitate to contact us for overflying and landing permits and allow us for further quick assistance. Feel completely free to contact us 24×7. We’ll reply punctually with best services and solutions.

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