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  • February 02, 2022
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Aircraft Fueling in Nepal

Nepal Aviation provides Jet fuel and Aviation fuel in Nepal at the best price. The aircraft fuel will be supplied by this leading Aviation Fuel supplier at almost all Nepal Airports. It provides a supply of jet fuel for all domestic and international airlines in Nepal.

Aviation Fuel can be ejected into an aircraft by either of the two ways via Over-wing and Under-wing. Over-wing fuelling is used in the case of helicopters, smaller planes, and piston-engine aircraft while under-wing fueling happens in the case of larger aircraft. Aviation fuel is combustible, colorless, and straight-run petroleum distillate liquid. And the most common jet fuel which is used worldwide is classified as JET A-1 i.e. kerosene-based fuel.

Nepal Aviation has tied up with many certified oil companies that promise to deliver global quality requirements of aviation fuel handling and storage. These companies will cater to the needs of jet refueling requirements of International and Domestic flights and will look after VVIP flights at all airports and even in remote heli-bases and helipads across Nepal.

Nepal Aviation can make fuel available at airports of Nepal territory with competitive jet fuel prices. We ensure that airlines receive the best service of global standards. And the fuel service providers partnered with Nepal Aviation have a highly dedicated qualified and skilled team of officers and the refueling crew.

Contact us on mentioned numbers or write to services@nepalaviation.com with your requirements for aircraft fueling in Nepal and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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