Nepal Aviation provide services to any Private Chartered Flights coming to Kathmandu be it Private Passenger Flight, Cargo Flight, Air Ambulance or any flight over flying Nepal’s territory.

List of our Services includes:


Our Ground Handling Full Package Includes:

  • Ramp Handling
  • Aircraft Loading & Unloading
  • Aircraft Marshalling
  • Aircraft Push Back/Towing
  • Baggage Handling
  • ACU GPU Air-Start
  • Toilet and Water Servicing (on process)
  • G E Operations
  • Passengers Handling
  • Passenger Check-In
  • Passenger Arrivals & Departure Handling
  • Wheelchair Assistance, Meet & Assist, and other special services
  • Baggage Services
  • Cargo Handling Services
  • Cargo Handling Services
  • Transfer cargo to-from cargo terminal