Message from the President

Bollywood Queen Manisha Koirala is Greeted by Nepal Aviation Girls at TIA, KTM.


When Bollywood Royalty Graces us with her presence, it's a moment to cherish! We had the absolute pleasure of providing our exclusive Meet & Greet Service at the Airport to the one and only Ms. Manisha Koirala, a true icon of the silver screen. And guess what? Our Nepal Aviation Girls gifted her our special Allo/Stem Beret Cap – 100% Organic Fabric and bursting with Nepali goodness! Her radiant smile says it all – she loved them! Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


People ask us, “Why we should use Nepal Aviation?”

We ask them, “Why uses Nepal Aviation for their King Jack Ma’s flight to Nepal?”

Jack Ma with Nepal Aviation Girls after Arrival at Kathmandu Airport.

Nepal Aviation works for YOU and only for Your Airlines.


Dear Partners,

Welcome to the New World. A Very Happy New Year 2024. Here, we present our Team Girl Power of Nepal Aviation with the start of the New Year.

Our NA Girl Power prefers to wear Organic Plants Fabric Dress. Say Hello to them. 



Welcome to the year 2024!

Welcome to the year 2024! A world that is safer, happier, and soon to be free of all viral, and viruses.

Welcome to Nepal Aviation Service at VNKT, Kathmandu from handling landing permits to fueling and providing a “spot-on” ground handling service of high professional performance: 24/7. 

Nepal Aviation has the best team of staff on the ground to handle any international flights of any size of MTOW (Maximum Take-off Weight).

During the pandemic, most of the international airlines transporting humanitarian relief materials chose to take the service of Nepal Aviation in VNKT TIA in Kathmandu.

When the Hollywood team of Morgan Freeman and J.K Rowling, author of “Harry Potter,” needed to fly their private jets to Kathmandu, VNKT (Nepal), they chose “Nepal Aviation” 

When actor Benedict Cumberbatch and his Hollywood crew arrived in Nepal to film The Doctor Strange, I was there on the day of his departure to greet him at the VNKT VIP Lounge, offering him with the Buddha Scarf (Khada) and chanting the Mantra “May Lord Buddha BLESS Benedict Cumberbatch for Enlightenment.”

Benedict was so overjoyed that he packed the Buddha Scarf into his handbag and carried it home as the most precious souvenir of his lifetime from Nepal, the Birthplace of Buddha.

Blessed are the Hollywood Stars!